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The type of media you want to request a quotation. To choose the form of publications.
PR publications Publications Office Publication festivals / occasions
Card Paper box / packaging.
Leaflet Letterhead paper The Kathina / linen.
Flap Envelope / envelope Calendar
Brochure Form / bill / receipt types of binding New Year Card
Catalog Form / bill / receipt types continuously. Photo Book
Publication of academic books, textbooks. Packaging Orther
Your student employees Carton packaging If other specific types of tasks.
Yeae Book Document file
Year book Paper bags.  
Documentation training seminar Label  
Memorial book / gift Tag Price  
Books / prayers Sticker  
The amount you wish to print mosques. You can fill out to compare the statements made​​.
  Total* for example 1000, 2000, 5000
The size of the paper. You can choose the size that you want printed.
Note: If the book is a book is a book, measuring success, and the event is being measured by unfolding a fold out spread to spread. Measure the length and width of the workpiece.
Standard size Size in cm Standard size Size in cm
A0 84.1 x 118.9 A6 10.5 x 14.8
A1 59.4 x 84.1 A7 7.40 x 10.5
A2 42.0 x 59.4 A8 5.20 x 7.40
A3 29.7 x 42.0 A9 3.70 x 5.20
A4 21.0 x 29.7 A10 2.60 x 3.70
A5 14.85 x 21 Other specified width x long cm
The print paper type for printing.
Note: Channel profile.
- Work with more than one category, such as books can fill up the details on each topic.
- If this is the same type as the one just completed.
Standard paper box, paper is the most widely common.
Color printing is the number of colors you want to print your job.
Channel number is the number of pages you want to print in the section.
Detail Paper type Color printing Number of Pages
2. Or fill out the paper
+เพิ่มรูปแบบการพ(if you have a large print format.)
Process after printing
Glossy varnish Glazingบ UV all page Glazing UV fix Glazing PVC shadow
PVC Glazing side orth er
No Glazing  

The bilge pump / pump cut
Bilge pump Silver pumps Stamping foil Specify color Pump curve
Pump cut Orther 
No bilge pump / pump cut

Middle Lapping 3 part Lapping 4 part Orthogonal two-fold.
Square three times. Orther
No Lapping  

Put glue Sewing roof Eiebkie - glue - hardcover Eiebkie - glue
Glue the head Set / books Perforated the book Set / books ห่อละ หน่วย/ห่อ
No Stapling
 Recommendations to prepare the artwork files.

1. CMYK color mode if the file is a different color. Color produced may actually distorted.
2. Resolution up to 300 dpi resolution, the contrast is even higher.
3. Test work to enlarge the image up to 300%, then the image is broken or not.
4. If a file that contains the fonts do not forget, do not forget the Create Outline and Save Include Link Files.
5. If there is a color or print on paper. Send it to us using the comparative color to match your needs the most.
More details
Upload a picture for example.
Or related documents. Quotation sent to a file as jpg, pdf, send no more than 25 Mb.
(To make the job more convenient).
* Note: Do not set the filename spacing like birds. Jpg to set as a bird. Jpg.
In order to efficiently use your publication. Please report the details.
With the use of packaging by weight. Waterproof sticker, peel off, so I assumed we would be detailed to work with the best quality. And cost to operate it.